Session Details and What to Expect

I want our session together to be a day you remember.  A day where you can forget all your worries & insecurities and just focus on the person or people you love the most.  I want to create an environment where you can just "be" in the moment.  For you girls & momma's out there... I want you to feel beautiful.  I want you to explore a beautiful place, be silly, get wet & dirty if you like, and just have fun loving on each other.

Each and every session and location is planned so that it will best suite your family's individual style and personality.  My sessions are very relaxed & laid back.  I don't do a lot of traditional posing during my sessions.  You will never be asked to make your toddler sit if they're just not having it, or make them put down their flowers or rocks so I can take that "perfect" posed picture.   Your gallery will be full of beautiful candid moments and all the little details that you will want to remember.  Moments that will forever be cherished.  These memories will be printed and hung on your walls and will in time become an heirloom for your children and grandchildren. 

If these things are important to you and you're ready for a little adventure... contact me here for full pricing and booking details!

Sessions start at $250

Full Adventure Sessions start at $500

Birth Stories and Packages start at $475

Elopements and Small Weddings start at $750