Howell Family {Tucson Family Photographer}

First of all I just want to start by saying this might just be my longest blog post ever & I'm not sorry.  Where to even start with this family...  I knew from the beginning they were going to be the perfect fit with the kind of work I do.  Not only were they completely gorgeous but they were up for anything!  "You want us to hike that mountain?  Let's do it!".  And a little later on...  Me:  "So sorry there is a dead javelina in the cave!  It wasn't here the other day!"  Them: "Don't worry about it at all!  Standing next to a dead javelina is totally worth getting shots in the cave!"  Haha!  (I wish that was a joke but it's not unfortunately, you seriously never know what you're going to find out here in the desert!)  Aside from that craziness, we had the most magical evening.  We played and explored three different locations...  It truly was a gift adventuring with this beautiful couple, documenting a love that has stood the test of time for 20 years and added 2 beautiful children to this world.